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Taufik out, and looks forward to Hong Kong

http://www.sports.cn/ 2008-11-20 19:48:00

(Shanghai, November 20) Indonesian male shuttler Taufik Hidayat was unexpectedly crashed by Chinese Du Yupeng with 0-2 in men's singles events of the 2008 China Open this afternoon, stoping in the semi-quarter finals.

Commenting on the match, Taufik described his performance as the bad one and imputed the loss mainly to the "thousands mistakes" in the match which almost made him "lost control".

Although lost to Du Yupeng for the first time, Taufik noted that he didn't feel surprised, adding, "It's not my started game, sometime lose, sometime win."

For the upcoming Hong Kong Open, Taufik said that "he will do better in Hong Kong" but he was silent on the question whether he will win the champion there, instead, he stated that he will just try his best.